Everyone wants big strong hamstrings and giant, muscular glutes right? Good, because today I have an Awesome Hamstring and Glute Builder called the Kickstand Deadlift.

The Kickstand Deadlift is like a bridge between a unilateral (1 limb) and a bilateral (both limbs) exercise because it really works one side much more than the other.

That makes it an excellent choice for those who have balance issues but are looking to do single leg work.

It is also great for those who are already strong looking for a new variation to smoke their backside and hams because it can be loaded pretty heavy with almost no fear of falling down as there can be doing single leg RDL’s.

Watch the video below to see how this Awesome Hamstring and Glute Builder is done.

When doing the Awesome Hamstring and Glute Builder-Kickstand Deadlifts, pay attention to the following points:

  • Be sure to HINGE back from the hips to begin
  • Keep pushing the hips back during the whole eccentric
  • Focus on loading your weight into the hamstring of the working leg (the one on front)
  • The legs want to bend, let them, they need to
  • Your real heel may want to lift up off the floor. That’s ok
  • Don’t bend the working knee so much it turns into a squat
  • Make sure the weight stays inline with your lead heel as shown in the video
  • When you stand, drive your heel in the floor hard and squeeze your glute on the lead leg at the top

These can be loaded as shown in the video with two kettlebells, or just one on either side. Dumbells, bands, Yoke Bars and whatever else you can imagine can be used with our Awesome Hamstring and Glute Builder too.

Begin with kettlebells or dumbbells and you do not need to go all the way to the floor with the weight. Only go back as far as you can while maintaining a good spinal position.

Try adding these in as a third or fourth exercise on lower body day, or as part of a full body training session.

If you do them right, you’ll know!

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hatfield squat, C.J. Murphy
Hatfield Squat



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C.J. Murphy

December 28, 2023    

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