Ah, the Hatfield Squat. Possibly one of the best squat variations for many reasons. And the Hatfield Squat is done just WRONG in 95% or more of the videos I see on social media, and in my own gym.

Let’s review the Hatfield Squat before I give you the video.

The Hatfield Squat was named after Fred Hatfield, my friend and mentor. Fred was a legendary Powerlifter, Coach, Sports Science researcher, author of countless books, but most importantly a good man.

He used this exercise as his primary squat variation in training until it was close to meet time (about 8-12 weeks out_ and he would then drop it in favor of a standard Power Squat.

Why did he use it?


The Hatfield Squat:

  • Has near zero shear force on the knees
  • Same goes for the lower back
  • It hits the quads like almost nothing else
  • It can be overloaded safely and easily if desired
  • It takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders
  • Is awesome

Those are all pretty good reasons.

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And without further loquaciousness, I’m giving you the video of the Hatfield Squat that I made with my good friend and EliteFTS team mate Annie Sheehan way back in 2020.

No need to do another video because we killed it in this one.   

Watch the whole thing, especially the Common Flaws at the end and do your Hatfield Squats right.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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C.J. Murphy

December 21, 2023    

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