I lost touch with training for a while a few years ago for many reasons, mostly the hip issues. Sure I trained, but I didn’t love it. Not anymore. I discovered a Surprisingly Simple Yet Brutally Effective Training system and I am running it until it stops working.

What is it?

You know you have to wait and read more.

As coaches, and even as lifters, many times we overcomplicate things. I’ve gotta do “X” and make sure I do “Y” and the program has to cover EVERYTHNG every week because gains.

That just isn’t true and I wish it didn’t take me so long to realize it. I also wish I could do what I am doing with myself with the bulk of my clients. I may try it, but I am pretty sure they would not understand why it works or why so much other stuff isn’t 100% necessary all the time.

Interested in what the Surprisingly Simple Yet Brutally Effective Training method is?

OK, here it comes.

Yes it does adhere to the Old Man Conjugate rules too.

How do I know?

I make them up that’s why.

What I have been doing for the past few weeks is surprisingly simply. It is a sort of a hybrid between Boring but Big from 531, stuff I did in the past when I was pressed for time and things I’ve seen Coach Bucky do here at TPS.

I pick 2 or 3 exercises and 1 or 2 Physical Therapy exercise assigned by my PT and do them for an hour.  The only rest is to change weight, grab a quick drink, pet Brandy or to tell Kevin to leave me alone.

I also do this 2 days a week, sometimes 3.

Day 1 is a Squat, 2 is a Press, 3 is a Deadlift sometimes. Most of the time Day 3 is a SAD day.

I stole that from JL Holdsworth.

SAD=Stay Athletic Day

I mix in Hypertrophy/Repetition work with “athletic” stuff like box jumps, agility ladder, shadow boxing, bobbing and weaving under a rope and more.

And you know what?

It’s fun and I love it.

Want a sample week of the Surprisingly Simple Yet Brutally Effective Training?


I use Bandbell bars most of the time in a High Kinetic Set up.

All training is done as circuit, but not a Met Con circuit. I call it a KIM circuit (Keep it Moving). KIM circuits are not as balls out. Do one, then move to the next with no dawdling for an hour or so. Don’t worry about how many sets, it sorts itself out. If you feel good, go a little longer. Not so fresh? Go a little shorter.

Day 1

Bandbell High Kinetic Squats +

Bandbell High Kinetic Keystone Deadlift

Old Man Conjugate: Surprisingly, Simple Yet Brutally Effective Training; C.J. Murphy;

And then I choose 1 upper and 1 lower body physical therapy exercise and do them as instructed for Active Rest. After 3 or 4 sets of this, I choose 2 different PT exercises and KIM.

Day 2

High Kinetic Overhead Press or High Kinetic Incline Bench +

Some type of Row and 1-3 Pullups depending on the week . I wave Pullups as Active Rest in 3 week waves. 1 the first week, 2 the second then 3 the third. Back to 1 on the 4th week and the cycle begins.

Old Man Conjugate: Surprisingly, Simple Yet Brutally Effective Training; C.J. Murphy;

And as on Day 1, I do PT exercises and KIM.

Day 3

Either a Deadlift or a SAD day.

If I Deadlift it’ll be a Trap Bar or a 2-4” Block Pull with a barbell.

I also do a lot of Dips, Pushups and Pullups on SAD days because in the Zombie Apocalypse you might need to lift your own bodyweight.

Sets and reps?

Up to you. I stick with 3-5 reps, mostly but do go up to 8 in my Surprisingly Simple Yet Brutally Effective Training system.

Will this work for you?

Who knows but I’d say yes. Especially if you are getting burned out on training, are coming off an injury or pressed for time.

And, it will work to develop a solid base and keep you from obsessing over what to do.

Keep it simple and try it for a month. It’s not 100% balanced, you won’t win a Powerlifting meet or a Bodybuilding show, but you’ll get stronger and feel great.

I love it. Hope you do too.

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

October 19, 2023  


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