In today’s log I am writing to you with an Urgent Call for Help! We have never been in a dire need in the past like we are now.

WTF am I talking about?

Well, on Saturday November 11th at TPS we are hosting the RPS Boston’s Strongest meet and it is for charity. It’s a full power meet and we have about 40 lifters.

Typically it runs from 9:00 until about 2:30, and we always have a huge crew of people helping out.

Not this time.

The easy way to get people is to pay them, but as I said, this is a CHARITY event. 100% of the profit goes directly to Revere Boxing Outreach. RBO is a youth-focused nonprofit organization run by my good friend Joe. Joe is a school resource officer in Revere, Ma., a veteran and an all around awesome human.

RBO offers boxing classes as well as fitness FREE of charge to kids in the community and is 100% donation funded.

Kids in the gym are kids that stay out of trouble.

Joe does not make any money from this, now do we.

We are following the motto of of Live, Learn and Pass on. We are giving back.

With that in mind, I am asking you, my loyal readers, to answer my Urgent Call for Help if you can spare a few hours on Saturday November 11th to help us raise some much needed money for a very worthwhile charitable organization please volunteer.

We need spotters, loaders and set up/breakdown crew.

You will not get paid, but you’ll get a meet t-shirt and free food.  Good food too, not hot dogs and typical meet crap.

If you can’t spot and load, please come down and be a spectator. It’s only $10 (cash) at the door and as I said, 100% of the profit goes to Revere Boxing Outreach.  TPS does not take 1 cent from the proceeds.

To volunteer, email me at

The kids will thank you, I will thank you.

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C.J. Murphy

October 26, 2023


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