I’ve got a great video for you today that will help The Most Important Part of the Squat. Can you guess what it is?

It’s the unrack and the walkout.


Well, I’m pretty sure that if you played sports your coach said; “You can’t finish right if you don’t start right.”

Corny, but true.

We can lose a lot of strength and power with a shitty set up, unrack and walkout on our Squat. When done well, you WILL squat more weight with better technique. That’s why I call it The Most Important Part of the Squat.

You've gotta start right to finish right.

I hope the video below from my site TPSMethod.com helps. It is Part 4 of one of our seminar series videos and it covers the most important part of the Squat.

It also features a bonus rant from me about 6 minutes in.


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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

July 20, 2023    


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