In today’s log, I bring you another edition of the highly acclaimed  Old Man Conjugate series. Today we are talking about Old Man Conjugate: 6 Months Out. From what you ask? 6 months out from total hip replacement. And it seems like a lifetime.

In case you are not a regular reader, I’ve been writing for many years about the battle with my hip and it’s constant effort to hucklebuck me at every turn. Didn’t matter if it was training, tying my shoes or walking up the driveway. The hip said FU at every turn. And multiple doctors told me that I was not a candidate for a replacement, until I was.

That was 6 months ago this week.

My surgeon was highly respected and brilliant if I do say so, and my PT team at Refined Performance PT are fucking wizards. I made it a point to modify my prior behavior and listen to my medical team and do everything they said.


I also did not do anything they told me to avoid. This mainly included being an idiot and lifting too heavy, ignoring pain, or getting ahead of myself in the rehab process.

It seems that not being an idiot has paid off. I am pain free, mobile and almost agile.

Am I strong?

Well, I’m stronger than the average 55 year old dude, but not strong for me or my peers. It’s coming back though.

Old Man Conjugate: 6 Months Out-a Big Deal

The 6 month point is sort of a big deal in rehab. When I spoke with my surgeon before and after the surgery, he told me to really be cautious for the first 6 months. But, he also said that I will be pretty much healed at that point. He added, that I can ramp things up, and to give it a full year if I want to go after a 1000 pound squat again.

Yes, he said that returning to Powerlifting is 100% fine, just wait a year and go slow.    

Will I make a return to the platform?

Highly unlikely, but possible.

My Old Man Conjugate: 6 Months Out life and training goals are different now.

I want to be strong, mobile, agile, conditioned, strong, and bullet proof. I want to be unkillable.

So, goals have been drastically adjusted on the Old Man Conjugate plan. Instead of being able to Squat 1000 pounds in gear, I would much rather Squat 405 for 20 reps.

Instead of a 315 Overhead Press, I’d rather do 185 or 225 for 20 reps.

I need to be mobile and fluid in the joints. To be able to move in any direction, quickly, with no warmup.

This seems to be the one that will take the most work. Getting strong isn’t that hard to figure out. But, addressing years of mobility that was neglected because of pain?  

That’s’ gonna be a tough job.

I find that after doing the PT work that Mariah assigns me,  I am improving predictably and consistently.  It’s just not fast enough for my liking. I’m not sure if anything can be done about that.

The last piece to this Old Man Conjugate: 6 Months Out puzzle is the conditioning.

Old Man Conjugate, Ankle Drags, Weight Vest, GPP, CJ Murphy;


Because I HATE IT.

I can’t stand doing conditioning work. I hate being out of breath. And I make good excuses for not doing it.

A main principle of Old Man Conjugate is to work what you suck at.

I need to pay attention to this and be accountable to myself.

6 months out, I’m pain free, moving like I haven’t in years, in the best shape than I have been since I stopped Kick Boxing and I feel GOOD.  

I’ll keep you posted on my quest to be unkillable. I’ll be out waling with Brandy tonight to get started!

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

June 29, 2023      


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