Many people have said something like this, but Jim Wendler said it in the simplest and most elegant way: It Doesn’t Take an Ounce of Talent to Be in Shape. And he is right. I am not talking about athletes exclusively. I’m talking about all of us.

When I first heard Jim say that, we were talking about athletes and how hard work beats talent when talent is lazy. Yes, we’ve all heard that too but it is true.

So when I say It Doesn’t Take an Ounce of Talent to Be in Shape, what do I mean by In Shape?

This can mean many things to many people, but I’d say barring a physical limitation you should be able to (at the minimum):

  • Carry your groceries up a few flights of stairs without gasping
  • Walk at a moderate pace (4 mph) for 30 minutes
  • Run a mile in about 7-8 minutes
  • Hit a heavy bag for 5-6 2-minute rounds  

 These are really very low standards for being in shape.

For most of my readers, I hope that you are capable of more.

Getting in shape is simple. It’s not easy. But it is not rocket surgery.

And you don’t have to run.

I hate running.

Always did.

I do not hate being in shape. And I have been in Amazing shape at many points in my life. And almost every time there was ZERO running. Because I hate it.

So, if It Doesn’t Take an Ounce of Talent to Be in Shape what can you do to get in shape?

Well, I’m assuming that if you are reading my Log you know more than most people, so I will not explain the super basics.

But here are a few options:

Speaking of that!

I have a SICK circuit that you can add in, and feel free to adjust suggested weights used based on your strength and level of fitness. This is not a beginner level workout either.  

I got this from, let’s call him Rob.

It Doesn’t Take an Ounce of Talent to Be in Shape, Rob

Rob comes up with some high quality workouts. And he is always in shape. As a matter of fact, he used to teach a GPP/Conditioning class for me years ago.  

I’d tell you more about him, but decorum prohibits that.

Anyway, I think we should make this workout go VIRAL because it is so good. As soon as I get Quato (my hernia) fixed, I’ll be adding this in.

Let’s steal from CrossFit and name this ROB.

As in, “Hey, what’s your best Rob?”

It looks like this:

The Workout, or The Rob

(From Rob)

Set a timer at 25 minutes

 Lift an Atlas Stone or Sandbag to a platform or over a Super Yoke set up at about chest height for 3 reps


Right shoulder sandbag loaded at half your body weight and walk 50 feet, drop it and left shoulder it and walk back 50 feet


At this point you want your heart rate to be elevated but not in the gasping for air category. Drop the bag and SPRINT with a Prowler like Cocaine Bear is chasing you.

The Prowler is loaded with half of your bodyweight.

Your heart rate should be through the roof at this point.

Walk until you can pass the ole cardio talk test then repeat the entire workout until the 25 minutes is up.  There is no upper scientific jargon used or need for heart rate monitors. Just get your heart rate up HIGH, almost Prowler Flu/Puke high. Then walk after you are done with the fist circuit until you can pass the talk test.

We all know what that is right?

Let your heart rate come down until you can carry a conversation while being just slightly out of breath.

Record how many rounds you do and try to beat it next time.

Rob’s best is 7 rounds.

I assure you that this will improve your aerobic capacity and recovery.

So, if we know that It Doesn’t Take an Ounce of Talent to Be in Shape, what are you waiting for?

I’m waiting for surgery.

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Be Grateful, CJ Murphy;
Be Grateful CJ Murphy



Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

November 30, 2023    

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