In today’s log I have Two Bicep Finishers You Haven’t Seen before. Well, you might have. But probably didn’t. I love ‘em. You will too.

I’ve done both of these over the years, off and on and as usual, forgot about them. If you’ve been coaching or lifting for a few decades or more, you’ll understand. You see so much stuff, you forget half or more.


If you are lucky enough, someone will remind you of something cool!

And that is the case here.

Watch the short video of my Two Bicep Finishers You Haven’t Seen below.

(Click the GIF to watch)

To do these, you’ll need a few bands.

I suggest either:

2 Short Mini’s

2 Short Light

2 Mini Bands

2 Light Bands

Set and reps are up to you.

shop band packs

When you first add these in, err on the lighter and higher rep side. You’ll feel them the next day.

As you get stronger, load ‘em up.

Try them and let me know how you like my Two Bicep Finishers You Haven’t Seen

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

August 24, 2023 

Total Performance Sports