This week’s Coaching Log has nothing to do with Coaching, it has to do with living. My son and I are setting out Monday on The Quest for the Best Fish Taco on the East Coast in my bus. Oh, and we’ll make some stops along the way. And go see Spud, my stunt double.

The Quest for the Best Fish Taco on the East Coast

I’ve written about this before and maybe I will again, but I feel like all I did for the past 40 years is work to survive and get by. 100 hours a week was no joke for a decade or so. And I didn’t spend a lot of time living. I spent a lot of time working.

No vacations hardly at all, almost no days off and I feel like I missed a good part of my boy’s growing up. I was by no means an absentee dad. I went to all of his games, coached his Football team and made time for him. I spent my one day off each week with him, and read to him every night. But to me, it wasn’t enough time. I ALWAYS had to work.

So, a little while ago I came up with the idea to go on The Quest for the Best Fish Taco on the East Coast, but not really. I’ve always wanted an motorhome to drive cross country with. Driving is so much better than flying if you want to see things.

With that in mind I had a conversation with the boy that went something like this:

  • Me: Hey, if I buy a bus you wanna go on a trip for a week or so?
  • Boy: Yup.
  • Me: Cool.

So, I bought a bus.

The Quest for the Best Fish Taco on the East Coast

And we are going on The Quest for the Best Fish Taco on the East Coast. We’ll take a day and start driving with stops every 3-4 hours to see something local or historical. Our first destination will be Gettysburg.

I’ve always wanted to visit Gettysburg. I’ve been told that you can feel the atrocities in the air when you arrive.

We must remember our past so we don’t repeat it. That is lost on today’s society.

And then we’ll set out the next day on our second leg to sunny Columbia South Carolina where we will camp out in the beautiful Spud Inc parking lot and see my twin for a day or two.

Then, the return trip. I won’t bore you with the minutia of the trip. But I will tell you that the purpose of The Quest for the Best Fish Taco on the East Coast has nothing to do with fish tacos. It has everything to do with spending time with my son and making memories one last time before he enters the work force and full time adulthood.

He’ll always be my little boy even though he towers over me in height. This is our last trip together before he becomes a man.

If you have young kids, or older kids, spend as much time with them as you can. If your boyfriend/girlfriend has kids, spend time with them it with them, like they were your own.

Time spent with your children is never wasted time. And the older they get, the less you will have.

Cherish every fucking moment.

Excuse me while I go wipe these tears out of my eyes.

And listen to Cats in the Cradle if you need a reminder.   

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Vincere vel mori

C.J. Murphy

August 3, 2023  

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