I have a very quick Coaching Log for you today. It’s quick on words, but not on value. I’m going to go over the Best Upper Back Exercise You’re Not Doing, but should be. And tell you why.

The upper back is a pretty large and strong area of the body that has a LOT of muscles in it.

The big ones are:

  • Traps
  • Rhomboids (major and minor)
  • Levator Scap

Having a big and strong upper back not only looks good but it assists us on the big lifts:

  • Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift
  • Press
  • Clean
  • Snatches

I’m not going to cover the function on all of the muscles and so forth, you can Google that, but I am going to give you the Best Upper Back Exercise You’re Not Doing.

Any guesses?


OK, it’s a Low to High Row.

There’s not much to it technique wise, just attach something to a low pulley and row from low to high.

Start with your traps depressed and then initiate by shrugging up wards and then  pull as high as you can. With lighter weight I try and spread my elbows apart for a different effect.

One of the big things you want to pay attention to when doing Best Upper Back Exercise You’re Not Doing is keeping your torso braced and still.

Don’t make it an ego exercise and twist and jive all over to use more weight. Feel the Upper Back working!

Sets and reps?

Up to you depending on where you ae using this and why.

However, when doing the Best Upper Back Exercise You’re Not Doing, Low to High Rows, I have found that a little lighter is better. Many people have told me that doing these HEAVY can bang up their shoulders.

Bonus Tip for Best Upper Back Exercise You’re Not Doing.

The Spud Inc Long Ab Strap is my favorite attachment for the Low to High Row.  

Add these in.

Lemme know how they work.

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C.J. Murphy

July 6, 2023   


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