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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number XLIX). “5 REPS…THAT’S FRICKIN CARDIO!!!! The UN-sexy COACHING LOG”
This Coaching Log features John, Vince, Robert and Brandon of the MGG.

The purpose of this training log is to take a look at the stuff that goes into making the lifts that get featured in the highlight reels, and that stuff is plain old reps, reps and more reps.

As powerlifters we all love going full blast heavy. But as a man far smarter than I has said on many occasions, “Are you testing your strength, or are you building your strength?” Part of powerlifting is testing that strength, and that awesome strength is often displayed on our social media feed each and every day. What we see far less of, and the purpose of this coaching log, are those un-sexy workouts comprised of sub-maximal weight but maximum work effort.

With a hindsight of some two decades of competitive powerlifting behind me, I can tell you that in my personal opinion, a key component located somewhere in a solid training program are the dreaded 5 and 4 rep training sessions. Be the lifter geared or RAW, building strength in this capacity, as lack luster as reps may be, is essential.

Incorporating reps helps to lower the injury potential by repeated hitting the muscle and not just the joints and tendons, and indirectly keeps the lifter in touch with the foundation they have built their power on. Especially in the world of the geared lifter, adding in reps keeps the lifter strong(er) and adds some hypertrophy in the process which only works to further protect the lifter, and enhance their power.

As is a rule of these logs, we never suggest what is right or wrong for you, but what we have seen work over the years or in this case, decades of powerlifting training. Thus, if you have not incorporated a rep scheme of 5’s and 4’s into your training, we recommend you consider a way to do so as there are many gears for the powerlifter to shift into, maximum over drive being a must, but the lower gear of reps as a way to rev up into the maximum O.D. gear.

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