OMFG! I just blogged for hours and it f'n disappeared on me. I don't have the heart to type it all out again. Many of you have been there. Working hours on a computer for something to just "poof" disappear.

Here it is in a nutshell. I had the option of doing my top set of deadlifts of 440 for a single. I am back to work after nine weeks off and felt like a bag of smashed sphincters. If I had done one rep that would have been auto-regulation, aka, listening to your body.

I ended up doing it for ten reps (my self impoaed rep cap). The same thing happened with the squat at 420. I told myself I'd do a single and ended up doing ten. Wait, that's not a good example of auto-regulation. That's me pushing myself to the limit because I hate myself otherwise.

However, for my down sets I have built in a little auto-regulation. I have it written as three to five sets of five to ten reps. I always do the max of five sets of ten, but this time was different. I thought I miss loaded the deadlift. It felt heavier than the 440. Long story short, I ended up just doing the low end of three sets of five reps.

You can auto-regulate your heavy sets if you need to but, you can also do it with your work sets if necessary. Another area is assistance work. Truth be told I don't even write the weights I use with assistance exercises. If I feel good I keep loading the bar, when I don't, I just get through something.

I swear the original blog was much better. I'm still seething about losing it a little. Here's another lesson though, let go of the things you can't control. So the internet kicked me in the nads, and you all have to suffer for it. Hey, if it's the worst tragedy that befalls our day, we're doing well.

Thanks for reading.