Now before you get too excited, no, I will not be donning a banana hammock, oiling up, and hitting a bodybuilding stage anytime soon. I just came off my six week conditioning cycle and my body is feeling great. I am thinking about hitting a bench meet in June and I needed something to fill the gap between now and that 12 week training cycle. So I figured, why not a little hypertrophy training.

This is nothing revolutionary. There are lots of 5/3/1 Bodybuilding programs out there. I just needed to adapt one that would work in my home gym as I don't have all the equipment a commercial gym possesses.

For the 5/3/1 sets I will be going with 5 Pro's. This means I will be doing all sets for fives. I don't want to start rep maxes. I am saving those for my 12 week meet prep cycle. You'll notice there is no "FSL" work, or down sets. I wanted to take a bit of a break from all the volume on the main lifts so I can focus on the other exercises for a change.

As far as weights and reps for the other exercises, that's up in the air. The most important thing is to make the sets hard. That can either be done by pyramiding up weight or by the tempo of the reps. The point will be to tax the muscles. You know, go for the "pump."

I am going to run this six weeks straight without a deload. Then I will switch up to meet training. I am interested in seeing how my body responds to this approach. Stay tuned to future posts to read about it.

Lastly, much like my other programs, feel free to use any specialty bar you'd like. I will be using a Yoke bar to squat, a trap bar to deadlift, a regular bar to bench, and a viking press setup for ohp.

-OHP 5/3/1
-Shrugs 4x12
-Lateral raises 3x12
-Bent over raises 3x12
-EZ bar curls 3x12
-Dumbbell curls 3x12

-Squat 5/3/1
-Front squat 4x10
-Glute ham raises 4x10
-Bulgarian split squat 4x10
-Hanging leg raises 4x10

-Bench 5/3/1
-Dumbbell bench 4x10
-Dips 4x10
-Pushdowns 4x15
-Pushups 2xFailure

-Deadlift 5/3/1
-T-bar row 4x10
-Pullups 4x10
-Back raise 4x10
-Ab wheel 4x10