News Flash. No one gives a shit about your 90/90.

No one ever entered the gym with the lofty goals of becoming a mobility guru. Yet a market has emerged in trying to sell people said pursuit.

Look, I get it, getting strong is hard. But don't give up on your goals of turning sideways through doors. Don't get sidetracked by mobility pursuits, mobility is a necessary adaptation in the continuum of getting big and strong.

Hip internal rotation is a key component to the gait cycle, and often time it’s utility is overlooked or misunderstood in squatting patterns.

That being said, when looking to improve hip internal rotation we must consider doing so in a correspondent manner.

Simply put, if you’re concerned about a lack of hip internal rotation for tasks that require it when you have your foot on the ground (squatting, running, etc), then consider implementing fixes that might involve you having the foot on the ground.


Stay Strong,