Everyday you get to choose from a menu.  Side "A" has goals and objectives, problems and their solutions.  It has excitement and there are times that you need to take a breath from it so you can get back into it 100%.  You can't wait for Mondays because its new and you get another chance at stuff and Friday is a Squat/Dead Lift Day and NOT just the last day of the week and the day before the weekend.

Side "B" has no goal and everyday is the same objective which is to just get through it.  Friday can't come soon enough and Sunday night is dreadful.

Side "B" is 50 weeks to endure so that you can double up on your work before your two week vacation, only to come back from said vacation and have to double up on the work you didn't do while ON vacation.

YOU are the one who decides what side of the menu you are going to dial up and live on.

I have the best schedule

I have the best dress code

I hang with the coolest kids!

I exist in each moment and the ones that slip away are discarded with grace and gratitude. The next moment is waited upon with baited breath and excitement.

You either grab LIFE, or life will grab YOU!

What side of the menu are you going to order from?



Dynamic Squat: 8x2@50%

Rep Squat: 5x10@185 for men  105 for women

Dead Lift: 8x1@50%

Rep Dead Lift: 5x10@ 185 for men 105 for women