Since I started logging again here all I have done is bitch about the gym. Now I'd like to take the opportunity to bitch about other facets of my life for a while.  Ok, not really but I'll update what's been happening with my own personal training and such, but there really isn't much to tell. I currently am just floating along training five days a week in a powerbuilding mode. I'm usually just throwing together strength training in with a little bodybuilding work and just go by instinct or how my body feels that day. I really have no training goals other than get something done and at least make each session count for something. I haven't had any injuries since my big knee/quad blowout back in 2011 but I have been battling a nagging elbow lately. I went to my ortho today and after an x-ray he said the pain I'm feeling is from a bit of arthritis and a couple places where there is a batch of floating refuse from old Highland Games glory. It hasn't stopped me from training but it makes any pressing movements a pain in the ass. He gave me a cortisone shot and said we'll wait a month and see if I still want it cleaned out. You guys know me, I love having surgery, it's the only time I ever get to take a fucking day off AND get my wife to make me sympathy grilled cheese sammiches!

I know I'm in the "coaches log" section but I really don't coach a whole hell of a lot. I am going to a powerlifting meet in Lancaster this weekend to help a new lifter from my gym do her first full meet. I usually don't like to attend meets, I actually don't like to attend anything, I really should just say I don't like leaving my chair for any reason. Lets just say I have a fear of the unknown, like . . . How am I going to get there? Do I have to drive or is someone picking me up? Is it really far? What if it snows? Will there be traffic? What am I going to eat? Will there be food there or do I have to bring my own? If I bring my own, how much should I bring? How much will it cost? What if I have to poop? What should I wear? Will it be hot or cold? If I bring a jacket where will I put the jacket so I don't have to carry it around all day? Well, you get the point. Let's just say I'm not the guy you want to take on a week long camping trip.

That's about the extent of my coaching right now, her and a couple of other sporadic people here and there that fall victim to my many knowledge bombs.  I'd like to say that the rest of my day is filled with much needed self help activities like reading, public service, doing charity work or basic hygiene but I'm way too busy researching the internet for ways to make my truck more obnoxious, badgering my wife to pay for the many ways I want to make my truck more obnoxious and sleeping in my chair behind the counter at the gym.