I have been suffering from a heaping pile of back pain for a few weeks. This often happens after a meet. I don't think I have been helping matters considering I have been doing around 50 pullups a day as part of some new programming I was trying out. Can you say overuse.

When I'm in pain, no rock goes unturned. I try my best to find a reasonable solution on my own before I go see a doctor. Unfortunately I often exacerbate the problem with fixes that don't work. After my billionth Google search I think I nailed down my issue this morning. So now that I'm playing doctor I'd say it was myofascial and trigger point pain. It kills me in the morning and gets better throughout the day.

After about four days of various forms of torture I fell back on one of the quickest and easiest fixes I always forget about, heat. I have an awesome moist heating pad that goes in the microwave. Putting it on this morning felt like putting on Cinderalla's slipper, it fit! After leaving it on for a good bout of 20 minutes I was able to lightly stretch and hit some trigger points. Voila, I feel much better.

I think in this day and age of being bombarded with so much information, we look for the most sophisticated fixes and often overlook the quick and easy ones. Kind of makes sense to start with those first now that I think about it. So if your back's in pain, try a little heat first.