A Sad Day

Today was a bit different.  I usually write the training I would like everyone to participate in, but as I eluded to in yesterday's log, people were doing whatever the fuck they wanted to do.  Therefore, today, I didn't write a thing.  Blank white board.  Everyone had to come up to me and ask what I wanted them to do "next".

IF they asked me, "is that all?"  I would easily find some random circus trick for them to do.  I waited patiently for the tell tale signs of athletic induced hypoglycemia or they to "ring the bell" or tap out.

What I did today to a few was borderline "advanced physical  interrogation"  aka...torture!

But I think it worked.  I'll let you know what happens Monday when we go back to one of the major lifts.

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 23 minutes

C/S Row: 5x10

DB Row: 4x12

Lat Pulldown: 4x15

Ab Wheel: 100 reps

Dips: 200 reps

DB Curl:4x10

Rope Tricep Push down: 4x15

Skull Crusher: 4x15

Preacher Curl: 2x30

Pushups: 100 reps

Suspended Knees to Elbow: 100 reps

DB LR: 3x30

Y's: 2x30

T's: 2x30

Shrugs: 2x30

High reps of 100 or more were to be done in as few sets as possible.

Bike Commute: 20 minutes

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