A Single Fact

Today's Training:

Run: 3 miles slow and getting easier

Pull Up Hell: 5 hand positions x 130 reps in each=650 reps

Preacher Curl: 4x10

C/S Row: 4x10

Zig Zag Reverse Grip Curl: 4x10

BB Curl: 4x10

Shoulder Horn External Shoulder Rotation: 8x12


Yea, I think my shoulder is kind of fucked.  It cracks, pops, and now is in pretty much constant irritation.  Got the Doc, Got the hospital, now I need to follow through with the obvious.


Also included in today's package:

Prowler: 10x60 yards

AirDyne: 8x20-10-20

Ab Wheel: 4x10

Suspended Knees to Elbow: 4x10

"Windshield Wipers" 4x10

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