Sorry I've been MIA here for a couple of weeks.  My wife gave birth to our fourth daughter and it's been a bit busy.  We had another baby girl and named her Cora.   We have her performing some basic squats and deadlifts and are starting to incorporate some technique work on her clean and jerks in her bouncer.

While I was gone I finished up my legs EOD program and am back to a normal routine now.  I plan to write up a detailed analysis of the outcome but the brief synopsis is this:
I've gained back all the weight I lost initially (at one point it was over 15lbs) and my legs definitely improved in size.   All of my pants are noticeably tighter around the thighs (still loose in the groin though...damn it) and my calves and hamstrings seem to have made the most progress.
The upper body fullness that I lost came back almost immediately--within the first week of regular training it seemed to be about where it was before I started the legs EOD program.

If I had to do it again I'd probably do legs 3x a week and stop at the 4 week mark.
Doing them every other calendar day was more draining than it needed to be.  It just didn't allow for any "shit happens" occasions, whereas training them every other workout or 3x a week would allow that.
I also noticed that my ability to keep intensity high seemed to drop off considerably at the 4 week mark.  My legs were just so beat up (and I was so mentally drained on training legs) that it was very hard to keep the intensity high.

As far as soreness goes, I don't think I could have possibly made them sore at the end.  The first 3 weeks were brutal...I was pretty much crippled 24/7, but by week 4 the soreness started to dissipate a bit and by week 5 I wasn't getting sore at all.
How much of that was my adaptation to the program and how much of it was a drop off in training intensity I can't say however....