Adjust, Adapt, and Overcome

Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape.

Is something I said many years ago when I took my first and only Yogurt class.  (after all, it has culture, right?)

The yogurt yogi was pushing on my low back attempting to ram my face into my knees, but my pork chords (hamstrings) wouldn't allow for such tomfoolery.

That's when I blurted out that phrase. that I think about it, COUGHED it out.

The class laughed, but now it resonates during this time of my gym closure.

I love my routine:

Wake up without a clock: 0300

Pray and poo: until 0308

Scrape fangs, waterboard them, and floss: 0311

Cook and Feed: 0330

Bike Ride: 0430

Gym full swing: 0500

Train until 10:00 get it!!  A systematic routine that has been altered do to the current state of affairs.

At first, Harry was not pleased.  A LOT of people count on their hour or so with me in the gym.  But drastic times cause drastic measures.

Since the mountain and that kid Mohammed have  a saying about one getting to the other, I stepped it up by offering workouts that can be done on your own...and it's free!

We at EliteFTS have an unwritten motto, aside from "Live,Learn and Pass on"  It's "Give more than you get and I will guaranmotherfuckingtee , you will be blessed ten fold.  (true statement, Brah)

Today, I went out and did the workout that I suggested last night.

Not only did I smoke it, and my body is thanking me for it...I slept in a bit, ate two breakfast (smaller than usual ones) and feel as if it is what I needed and not what I wanted.  Did you get that?

I need to do these things that I have neglected.  They are weakness'.

"make a weakness stronger and YOU get stronger" ~ I said that for those fellas that want to steal it and not give the three credits that is also law.

Make a weakness stronger and YOU address the increase in strength we are all looking for.

Don't view this time as a "Awww, I can't get to the gym" time.

Do the stuff that you don't do.  If you always do what you've always done, you'll get what you already have.

(go ahead knucklefuck...I'll give you that one)

Make your day and life worthwhile.  Do other things

Adjust, Adapt, and Overcome.

Promise...It will be fine and FUN!

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