I find it kind of admirable when a person who is younger than I am say's "Age is only a number", when they find out how old I am.

However, I can go from "You shouldn't do that" to "Fuck it, let's see what happens" in about .025 seconds.

OLD?  Well hell..that's 15 years beyond where you ever are currently chronologically.

To be done DAILY!!!

2 sets of 15 reps followed by 1 more set of 10 of the following exercises *

Reverse Hyper


Back Extension

Side Flexion

Suspended Knees to Elbow

DB Lateral Raise

Push Ups

Cable Flys

* ONE set of Rear Delt Destroyers modified:


Main Exercise:

 Floor Press: 6 RM at a PRE=7

then do two more sets at that weight

Push Ups: 100 total reps

Face Pulls: 100 Total reps

OHP: 5x10

Bike Commute: 30 minutes

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