All I heard was "I swear it will be funny..."

I strongly suggest you read David Goggins (no relation to our own Steve....) "You Can't Hurt Me"

Most of us think we train hard.  Read the book and find out how little you are actually doing.

Also it will motivate the snot out of you and then it will DISCIPLINE you more so.

This is my second time reading, and it STILL inspires me!

Be warned...Be smart about it!!!


Today's Training:

AirDyne Bike: 20 minutes.  I had to pedal faster as I woke up ten minutes late.  (You'll get that later)

Dynamic Bench: 10x3x185

Hammer Strength Incline Bench: 5x10x85 lbs in each hand

Cable Cross Over: 5x10x50

"Stretcher" Push Ups: 5x30

Dips: 5x10x 1 chain

Cable Tricep Push down: 5x10x120

Mini Band Tricep Extensions: 150 reps in each hand

Hammer Curls: 100 reps w/ 10 lbs

Push Ups: 10

Crunch: 50

Bike Commute: 24 minutes...The bank was closed.

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