Always Check You Attitude

Everyone is aloud to have a bad day.  Everyone is allowed to have a bad week, month or even season.

But if you are in a position of "Power" or , it is best to keep a constant monitor on that attitude,

I have suggested to some that are in such a position to NOT post their feelings on Social Media.  Some of our team's ethics or views might in fact alienate a large percentage of people and from where others sit, that is NOT good for business.

As a grumpy old strength coach, I have many who look to me as the "voice of reason".  I can (and I know this) make or break a person's day with not only what I say, but by a "look" that I've been told that I have.

I need to remember what I tell others..."Always be in charge of your emotions.  Keep them in check".  Once I let someone else piss me off, I am no longer in charge.  I have given that control over to the other person.

Today, I was cranker and more grumpy than usual.  I took it out on one of my "participants".  Left hung out to dry, he had no other choice but to be angry with ME!    I lost it!

Although I am also quick to apologize when I know I was out of place, I am quick to forgive others, and must remember that I am not like many.  Some folks work up a good "mad" and need to rid themselves of it and I need to understand that.

When a person apologizes for something they did to me...I can forgive and forget instantaneously and that took YEARS to develop.

I was wrong for "snapping" this morning.  The mistake was a simple one.  I did not handle it well and for that...I apologize. get back to the business of building stronger, faster, fitter people!

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 mins

Bike Commute: 18 minutes

Chain Lunges:

2 chains- 30 steps ea leg

1 chain- 30 steps ea leg

0 chain- 30 steps ea leg

X 2

Pre Exhausted Specialty Bar Box Squat:

2" above parallel work up to a PRE=7 doing 10 reps

then do two more sets of 10


Broad Jump: 10x3

Distance isn't as important as how quick the transition is between the jumps


24 Inch Box Jump: 10x1

Make sure there is enough rest to not fatigue the muscle but only enough to excite the nervous system.

Jump with more force than necessary and quietly land on the box


Bike Commute: 18 minutes

Crunch: 125

Push ups: 18

Man o man am I in need of a nap!!!

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