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Please see Aquatic Bulls - Phase 1 for programming notes, considerations for this population and exercise variation!

On many of the logs you will notice we increase accessory volume every week. With this group and their needs we were making a greater effort to increase weight each week on their accessories. This is largely due to the amount of swimming they do. They are already in great shape. Learning to push more weight is going to benefit them more than just piling more work on them. The volume on jumps has not increased significantly for this same reason. The swimmers do some jumps on their own in their dryland training so we won't push the volume on these as much as we do with other sport.

Our athletes are encouraged to take each set to positive failure. This means go until your form breaks down. If it says 10 reps and 10 reps was easy, KEEP GOING until you can't anymore.  If you get more than the prescribed reps just make it heavier. A very simple concept but you will have to monitor this closely.


1. Dynamic warm up on pool deck as a group
2. fire hydrants/ knee circles - 30 each
3. TKE - 30 each
4. Shoulder cleans - 30
5. Jump rope - 2 feet/ lateral hop/ Ali shuffle - 1minute each, no rest/ 1:20 each/ 1:45 each
6. Knee Jumps - 3x3/ 5x3/ 7X3
7. High pull - 3x3/ 5x3, increase weight if applicable/ 6x3 (sport coach's request. these will progress to hang cleans over the next 3 weeks. We will build technique and volume before actually catching the bar)
8. Speed bench vs micro bands - 6x3@ 40%/ 8x3@ 40% - women used half a band. If this day fell right before a speed upper day on Tuesday they would tell me when they came in Tuesday and we would substitute out the speed bench for something else. Typically bamboo bar bench. Something light to promote recovery.
9. Single leg reverse hyper - 3x20/ 4x 20/ 4x30
10. Thompson hips - 3x20, no rest/ no change, these are tough
11. Roll out abs - 3x10/ 4x10/ 5x10
12. banded hip and shoulder mobility


1.seated abduction - 80
1. Seated Box Jump- 7x5
2. straight bar squat - 5rm
3.bulg split squat - 3x6
4.single leg Back Ext - 4x10
5.GHR- 3x10
6. single leg sit ups - 4x15, one leg up
7. weighted knee raise - 3x20
8. Inverted Row- 3x10, hold at top, 3 second ecc
foam roll/ mobility bands

1. lateral raise x 50 and scap push-up x 50
2. seated jump to overhead slam - 8x3
3. close grip 2 board press- 2rm
5. NG pull up - 3x6- slow ecc
4. roll out abs - 3x10
5. Shrug- 3x15 - 1-3-3 tempo
6. Chest Supp. T Raise- 4x20 - thumbs in 1-2-3 tempo on rack obliques - 4x25
8. dead hangs 2x 30 sec

1. fire hydrants x 50
2. knee circles x 20/direction
3. rev lunge x10
4. SSB speed squat 8x2 @50%- bands PAIR WITH wgtd box jump 3 reps
- free squat with bands - 3x3
5. hang clean- 5x3
6. hanging abs w/w 4x 25
banded leg curl- 3x30, up one band
7. reverse hyper - 4x20
8. row on back ext. - 3x12
9. band hip mobility

1. lying ext rotation 50 total
2.  speed bench - 6x3@40% - bands PAIR WITH overhead med ball slam 3 reps
3. Dbfloor press 3x20
4.DB pull over - 4x8
5. shoulder clean - 4x20
6.Single arm shoulder press - 3x12
7. biceps and triceps - 3x12
8.side plank for reps - 4x20