Arizona this Weekend

I'm heading to Arizona this Thursday to attend a Hockey Tournament.  Most of it is in Chandler.

Here's my schedule...under Santa Clara Blackhawks.

Friday: 3:30 in Arcadia

Saturday: 8:00 AM in West Chandler

Sunday: 3:30 in West Chandler.


Staying at the Radisson Hotel Phoenix Chandler

7475 W. Chandler Blvd

Usually there is some down time for some fun and games.




Stop by if you know where I am and it's convenient for ya.




There are five sets to each of the following Super Sets.  The first set needs to have 20 reps, then 18, 16,14, lastly 12 all while increasing the weight by 5 lbs. each set.

START with 5 pounds more than last weeks starting weight.


Chest Supported Row using the "American Bar" and Supine DB Tricep Extensions


Free Motion Hi to low lat pull and One DB standing behind the head with two hands tricep extension


Lat Pulldown and Cable Tricep Push Down using the Rope attachment.


20 minute bike

5 K run

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