Had to go to the in-laws on Saturday night for dinner and ended up training arms with my wife beforehand because Randy had to work.

Tricep pushdowns:

Dumbell Curls:

Overhead cable extensions:

One-arm preacher curls:

Barbell Skull crushers (see @Troponin_Harris on instagram for video):
1x15 135lb
1x10 185lb

Machine Hammer curls:

One arm dumbell extensions:
Drop set: 45lb dumbell and 25lb dumbell


I've been trying to put up videos on my instagram account (Troponin_Nutrition) of either a noteworthy set or a noteworthy exercise.  I do most of my log updates at work (working hard or hardly working?) and IT blocks all video sharing sites here.  Elitefts is supposed to be moving to a reactive web design site soon (where I'll be able to update my logs from a mobile device better) and I'll make sure to direct link any videos to my log when that happens.  Until then, I'll do my best to keep updating my instagram account with any unique form or exercises in case anyone wants to see what I was talking about.