Trained arms with my wife at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo after spending the weekend in Port Huron, MI at my parent's house for the "float down" they hold on the St. Clair River.

My parent's live along the St. Clair river just south of Port Huron and every year the city holds a "float down" where thousands of people get drunk and stupid while floating down the river in rafts, blow-up dolls, coolers, and anything else that will float.
Part of the festivities is that the people along the river throw water water baloons, squirt water guns, and throw buckets of water at the floaters in a Mardi-Gras rip-off where the only goals are getting drunk and not drowning.

As the parent of three young children trying to enjoy the festivities on a narrow dock over-looking 20ft deep waters with a steep current that's feet away from major shipping lanes and leads down the Detroit river from Lake Huron to Lake Erie in a sea of drunken retards and bead-rewarded titty flashes, I was able to spend the entire day relaxing and worry-free.

It was a good time though.  No crisis arose with drowning floaters or lost children and the only casualty of war was my Dad's torn bicep when he got a little too aggressive while tossing a bucket of water and fell over the railing into the river.  Luckily the booze blunted the pain. 032



Sissy tricep stuff: lots of sets
Lazy bicep stuff: lots of sets