The popularity of the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) or “flexible” style of dieting has really exploded lately. Mainly because let's face it, who doesn't want razor sharp cuts and a body covered in vascular dick skin while enjoying Pop Tarts, pizza and donuts? It got me thinking, the majority of society obviously is looking for the easy way out, and people in our industry like to cash in on providing really easy answers for people that like the easy way out, why don't I just join in? That's when I came up with this new and really easy training system. I call it ALAYITG (As Long As You're In The Gym) It's actually a pretty sweet deal, don't let these old gym guys tell you that you need those archaic  training methods that require all that effort, sweating and sacrifice.   Here are some of the advantages of ALAYITG:


You can make mad gains and not have to do all that hard training or grunting and groaning . . . as long as you're in the gym.


You can stand around playing with your phone, texting your buddies and giggle while putting inches on your arms . . . as long as you're in the gym.


You can stand at the front counter and flirt with the chicks who work there whilst enjoying a fresh smoothie and abs will magically appear . . . as long as you're in the gym.


You can check-in on facebook and show all your friends your amazing commitment . . . as long as you're in the gym.


You don't really need to “rise and grind” and do all that fasted cardio that you claim you do on Twitter . . . as long as you're in the gym.


The selfie you just took and posted on Instagram that you captioned “ab check” while pulling your tights down to within a millimeter of your vagina is totally legit . . . as long as you're in the gym.


If ALAYITG is too demanding for you stay tuned for my next training style I'm going to call ALAYHAGTOYKC (As Long As You Have A Gym Tag On Your Key Chain). This system takes flexible training to the next level because you don't actually have to go to the gym at all!   Good luck!