Ask me "how are ya?"

As a greeting, people will ask, "How are you?"  To which I ALWAYS respond..."Dangerous"!

You  aren't normal even for the most intense of training.

For many it's the need to push the limits or to find out what limits are in the first place. Regardless of what it is, or when it comes upon us, it happens and it happens at times when you are totally unaware of the symptoms or signs.

For me, it was many years ago when I realized I was not going to be a 6'2, 240 lbs professional linebacker.  I had no control over that.  But what I did have control of was my attitude and competitive spirit.

I have always said, "you may beat me, but to do it your tongue was going to hang out".  Right then and there I determined that I wouldn't be out trained.  To stop me, you were going to have to kill me.

I also believe that I am NOT the only person that says this.  I believe everyone that has any history in sport or sport prep has the same competitive drive.  But...when that drive isn't there anymore does that mean our significance is over?

That significance is a directly related to how "Dangerous" you still feel.

Let's be honest, whenever you meet another person (as a man) it doesn't matter the position that person has in life.  I doesn't matter the economic status or pecking order on the corporate ladder.  But for the first 15 seconds the only thing that comes to EVERY MAN'S mind upon meeting a new person is..."Can I kick that guy's ass?"

If the answer is "yes" then you still feel significant and dangerous.  If the answer is "no" then you either start doing things to rectify it, or you start feeling insignificant.  Might as well tuck your tail and wait for leftovers.

After yesterday's Good Morning workout, I went out for my early morning run.  The first 100 steps were BRUTAL.  Step 102 my back went into such a vicious spasm that I dropped to my knee.  But here is where I understood I am different...I started laughing at myself.

No one was around (0300) I was gasping for air and trying to stretch a spasm from the workout the day before, and I'm cracking up with mirth and laughter.  Why?

Because at my age, most men are still sound asleep and here I am still pushing my limit like I am still going to make  the SEAL Teams.

It's glorious and fun to not grow up so why bother?

Stay young, do dumb things, and always STAY DANGEROUS!

Today's Training:

Run:  A very slow 3 miles with lots of grunt'n and groan'n.

Pull Up Hell: 125 reps in five different hand positions=625 total reps

Tricep Rope Extensions: 4x15

Reverse Grip Single Arm Band Tricep Extensions: 4x15

RE FEED!!!  I need:







Sea Weed Chips

1/2 rack of Baby Back Ribs


Sword Fish

Cheese cake

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