BABY HUEY and RAW Spirit Finger Training: (VIDEO Included)

Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: By MGG owner, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Eric Maroscher. (Log number XXV).
This installment of the MONSTER GARAGE GYM/Maroscher Coaching Log features AAPF National RAW Powerlifting Champion and AAPF RAW National squat, bench press, deadlift and total record holder, Justin “Baby Huey” Norman.

The purpose of this log is to show you some solid RAW training by the current AAPF Junior RAW National Powerlifting Champion, and current holder of the squat, bench press, deadlift and total AAPF RAW National Junior powerlifting Records.

Justin aka Baby Huey currently holds all four of the AAPF American RAW Junior records with a 711LB RAW no-knee-wraps, nor knee sleeves squat, 468LB RAW bench press, 733LB RAW deadlift and a 1901LB RAW total. Baby Huey is called Baby Huey because he is truly one of those throw back, farm-raised, All American, strong as h*ll kids. He can train all day after working a full physical day at his job and basically, if you put the weight in front of him, he just picks it up. At a bdw of 255-265LBS and at 23 years of age, Justin has pulled 900LBS with half weight, half chains on the deadlift and is equally strong in the functional strength area loading a 500LB keg for kicks and tossing around the 310LB MGG Atlas Stone. Basically he makes most of us look pretty bad, and we love him for it.

Where we are working with Baby Huey is with programming (as that is not his strength). Also, we are working on ‘staying tight’ as he is so strong he tends sometimes to lift the weight without really having to work on his technique nor tightness. That will become a major issue if not addressed, so that needs to be corrected. The other tweak is that Baby Huey is such a nice kid it is tough to get him to “flip the switch” when you need to during training. “Letting Johnny out of the bag” as we say at the MGG. Every quality lifter can reach deep into that dark emotional bag of aggression, frustration and maybe even a little bit of rage to apply to a lift when the time is right. There are times when you have to be aggressive with the weights as aggressive lifting is often a precursor to tight lifting. Not to mention, being able to summons your body’s natural adrenaline and hormones by getting keyed up is critical to lift the weights that are required to take you past your perceived power limits. Just like the wounded animal is the most dangerous, the aggressive powerlifter can be stronger than when just going through the motions and not having that crucial mind and body connection. Having said that, he is the only kid I know that can be silly, flash some ‘spirit fingers’ over his head, then rip a 720LB RAW deadlift off the floor like it is 135LBS.  All the tweaks aside, this kid is RAW strong, functional strong and every other type of strong there is, but it is also pretty clear to the more veteran lifters at the MGG that he has no idea he is any of these things. We like this kid a lot.

What Justin does know, is that he loves lifting weights and once his love for iron is fully fortified with the three aforementioned elements (as well as just more meet experience and time training) he will be a serious force in the world of RAW powerlifting. On a personal aside, in all the years since my first meet way back in 1989, I put Justin right at the top of the list in the category of “wonderfully nice and downright pleasant people”. The kid is just a great human being and for the amount of weight he can throw around, one of the most modest as well. In the world of drug-free RAW lifting, as Justin grows into his frame and we wrap him up in some solid programming and tighten things up, I think he will be dominating figure in the world of RAW powerlifting in his weight class.

The footage in the accompanying video captures a good chunk of Baby Huey’s deadlift workout as well as some ancillary training from the day. *The training footage in this video (filmed in HD, let load to 720 or 1080 for HD quality). Justin’s complete log from the day is written out below for your perusal.

We hope you find this video and log as a whole of use to you in your training. Please let us know by your comment(s) if these logs are useful to you and what we can do to make the better. If you like them, we would appreciate it if you would share them.

As always, thank you for following the Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher coaching log. We hope you found this log and our other prior logs of benefit to you. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher.
Justin’s Training Log:
“I trained Dead’s worked up to 675 for a triple then a single. Superset of the iso row machine and alternating grip pull ups. 3 sets of 8 I believe with a drop set as a 4th. Then a superset of reverse hypers, ab wheel and barbell curls (I cheat as needed on the bb curls) 3x8 or 10. Then a superset of barbell shrugs bent over concentration curls and lat pulls with the EliteFTS bands on my elbows. I finished up my training with hamstring curls and seated shrugs for 3 sets of 10 reps. I was a little tired from work so the deadlifts just went so-so.”
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