Trained upper back and traps at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  Wasn't really too motivated for the workout (I'll explain in another post when I have time) as I was coming off of a brutal cold and a tiring business trip.

I'm always a fan of training heavy and intense, but when I'm feeling as run down as I was this day it's nice to know that it's still possible to get a decent lift in by going the volume route.

3 supersets of that stupid wheel and leg raises (abs cramped...should probably train them again sometime)

Cable pullovers:

Reverse grip pulldowns:

Overhand pulldowns:

Incline dumbell rows (laying on the incline bench):

Bent over dumbell rows:
1x10 (wasn't feeling it)

One-arm rows on hammer strength iso-leg machine and one arm cable pulldowns:
3x10 each

Seated Cable rows:

Way bent over seated cable rows:
triple drop set of 10 reps each

Shrugs using the pads on the standing calf machine (thanks Brad Hull).
5x15 w/ hold at the top of each rep

Machine shrugs:


It ended up being a decent workout.  It took about the first 3 exercises before I finally stopped telling myself "just go home and rest, this sucks" after every set, but once I got into the workout it ended up being decent intensity--especially for the number of sets I did.

I've always had trouble bringing up my traps (they just don't grow), so when I was out in California on a business trip this past weekend I trained in Brad Hull's (War Nutrition) home gym and we did shrugs on the standing calf machine.
I tweaked the movement just a bit on the calf machine at my gym (I held my hands in front, holding the handles rather than let them hang to the side) and it was the first legit trap pump/burn I think I've ever had.
They actually got sore too--which I'm almost positive is a first.