Had to hit a quick back thickness workout solo on Saturday because I was short on time....my daughter had a basketball game that afternoon and we had the Kalamazoo JDRF walk that morning (and I had family over most of the day).

Also...I almost got in a fight with the opposing team's coach at a 4th grade girl's basketball game.

The workout isn't going to look like much, but I did the whole thing in under 30 min and am pretty sure I had brain damage from oxygen deprivation after deadlifts.  The whole workout was done as pretty much one bit circuit...the only rest was the time it took to change plates.

Bent rows:
2x15 135lb
1x12 225lb
1x10 275lb
1x10 315lb

1x15 315lb
3x15 405lb

1x5 315lb
1x5 405lb  (was just too out of breath to hit another set)

Seated Hammer Strength low rows:
5x15 (rest period was the time it took to take a plate off of deadlifts between sets)

16 sets in 30 minutes....really thought I was going to die. lol

I felt like a big man pushing those kids around

My 8 year old daughter plays on a travel basketball team at school and they had two games on Saturday (one at 9am and one at 6pm....why at those times?  I have no idea)

They won the second game 18-2 and the other team's coach was pretty frustrated (because 8 year old basketball is serious bidness).

After the game he went over to our team's huddle and said something to one of the players (I couldn't see who).  After people moved around a bit and he had left I realized that my daughter was there crying.
I was f'n furious....
One, because I know this daughter is the kindest kid on earth (if it were one of my other daughters I would assume that they had said something un-sportsmanlike....but this daughter couldn't say a mean thing if she tried)
Two, because she's 8 years old....and if you have a legitimate issue with someone from the other team, you bring it up to their coach...you don't chastise another team's players directly (especially when they're f'n 8 year old kids).

I'm sure I made a scene and acted like the annoying parent who gets too worked up, but I think I handled it pretty well (since all I could think about was caving the coach's face in)

After consoling my daughter I walked over to the coach and told him he must be feeling like a big man for making an 8 year old girl cry and then asked him if he wanted me to return the favor.  He didn't take me up on the offer though and my wife escorted me out.

I guess I'll find out how big of a scene I actually made by how embarrassed I feel if everyone is staring at me at the game next weekend.