Back training

Trained back with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo

3x10 135lb
1x8 225lb
1x5 315lb
1x2 405lb
1x2 495lb
1x2 585lb (wore a belt for this one)

One arm rows:
1x10 100lb dumbell
2x15 200lb dumbell

way forward seated rope rows:

1x15 315lb
3x15 405lb

I've been trying to do most of my squats and deadlifts completely raw (no belt or wraps) recently.  This is partly because my training has been rushed from being so busy and doing little things like avoiding supportive gear helps me keep a "goal" for a workout when I know I probably won't be hitting any real PRs.  If I know I'm rushed for time and/or won't be putting up any big numbers, at least I can focus on getting stronger without any supportive gear.

I ended up deciding to put on a belt for the 585lb set on deadlifts because I sort of tweaked my lower back with 495lb and wanted to be safe.  I kind of wish I would have stayed beltless for the last set though because it made a bigger difference than I expected and I felt like I was way out of groove on both reps.  I wore a belt on all heavy sets for years while deadlifting (I had a pretty decent back injury as a teenager and got used to wearing a belt on deads as a safety measure) and I don't think I realized how much it changed the movement for me until I started pulling beltless on heavier sets recently.

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