I've been using RPR for a few months now and told you I'd do a follow  up a few weeks ago after I had more experience with it.


I added the RPR daily activation drills pre-training and have been having good success in terms of:

  • mobililty
  • belly breathing
  • overall feeling better
  • warming up faster

Last week I spent a few days at the APF Equipped Nationals with Marc "Spud" Bartley and he asked me if I wanted him to run through some Be Activated stuff with him.

The video tells the story.


If you are curious about these techniques, I give you my experience with them in the video.


As a piece of proof, I deadlifted today.

I have been puling off blocks for a while and going lower than 5" blocks has been impossible, and any weight over 225 had been causing pain before I added these drills in.

Today, I pulled an easy and fast 455 off 45 pound bumpers.

And, 315 off the floor.

Yeah, I know, there are plenty of girls in the 165's that can pull this, but today was a milestone.

I handled a weight that hasn't been in my hands for over a year from lower blocks, and pulled from the floor with no pain.


With that said, Spud asked me to shoot a video for him on my experience.

I decided to share it here too.


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