Be Honest

I'm sitting here early Saturday morning with a shit ton of projects that need to be addressed...TODAY!

So while I am planning out the order of events, you know, wasting time on Facebook and reading about politics, viruses, Ed Coan sending me reading material whilst "chirpping" me, I came across a young lady's wish to know and understand what qualities she and others look for in the opposite sex.

Because I am an equal opportunity believer and maybe because I was called a misogynist (I had to look the meaning up and how to pronounce it...and I'm NOT) I lumped my answer all into ONE.

While I do think the three qualities of a friendship apply and they are:

1. Friendliness (hence the name, friend)

2. Loyalty (I have your back in a fight, but once we are alone and you were the jerk, you are going to hear about it)

3. Willingness to shake salt into a wound.  After all, if your friends can't pick on you and make fun, then who can?  Right???

But in all seriousness, the ONE quality that popped right up into my head was, HONESTY.

Being honest is the easiest way to remember the story you told.   Although it can also be the most difficult to manage.

The best way I've learned to manage it has been to be HONEST with myself ...FIRST!

We look in the mirror and don't see the extra pounds that we have added or if we do, we have a dishonest excuse as to why.

We lie to ourselves when we say "that was good enough" when it comes to reps and sets or weight lifted, when we KNOW it wasn't.

You not liking to condition is a lie when you know the health benefits from doing it.

Being honest with yourself is important especially when it comes to procrastination, (sort of what I'm doing right now)

Being HONEST with OTHERS is a more difficult.  You don't want to offend (which everyone seems to be anyway these days) but you don't want to give false information.

I often will say..."It is my OPINION" or "Might I suggest", as a way to start a sensitive innocent question.  That way you can always fall back, "I might be wrong or unclear".

There is no reason to be a jerk but you can be honest while diplomatic.

I'm sure there are many other qualities, like sense of humor, dogmatic approach to life, adventurous lifestyles that people admire about others, but for me the number 1 quality I look for in people is them being HONEST.

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