Those that know me understand how much I dislike the cold weather.  Shoot, most of you have been suffering through (in my opinion.) a long cold, snowy winter that wasn't even very nice the first day of Spring.  But, where I live things are in bloom.  Buds everywhere, birds chirping and with that comes the allergy season as well.  I've never been a big sufferer of the watery eye, congested head and boogers draining on your pillow, until recently.

I am also not a veteran of OTC drugs.  Every darn time the symptoms get worse than my tolerance for discomfort, I pay the price the next day in the form of an Over The Counter Drug "hang-over", without the benefit of a good time the night before.

This weekend and the start of this week has been no different.

What I did learn today was that a simple method (and I've used this before and it does work) is to ingest "LOCAL" Bee's Honey will help drastically.

Funny, I can recommend stuff to hundreds of people and give out reasons that are common in sense and voila'! Score points!!! But when it comes to fixing my own issues, I need a fungo bat against the occipital bone.

Luckily, I have some Local Bee's Honey and the little buggers nectar is still good.

So there it is!  My recommendation for those of you that have issues as well. A pre season preview and giving you GAME TIME quarterbacking instead of the Monday Morning stuff that comes normally.

Make sure it's LOCAL to your area.