“Tight” hip flexor is the center of a lot of controversy in the rehab and sports performance space. Conflicting arguments on the potential mechanism or cause leads to conflicting arguments around the best way to address the issue.

That disclaimer aside, if you chose to go down the route of conventional static stretching there are some considerations that can and should be made around optimizing this intervention.

First off, the statement “Tight” Hip Flexor needs to be immediately followed by the question “Which one”, there are 8 muscles that play a role in bringing the femoral acetabular joint into hip flexion, and all of those muscles have secondary and tertiary muscles action that act through other ranges.

All these muscles and their respective secondary and tertiary actions should be taken into consideration when attempting to elicit a stretch through the action of hip flexion.

This video outlines a means of stretching which takes into consideration these other ranges and makes for an all-encompassing stretch into hip extension.