Bigger Arms by Squatting

The coaching cue today was "if you miss count, start over at ONE"

Do that enough times and you will start to remember what rep and set you are on.

Every time I go to Maui I see two "street" guys.  Yup, same two.  I suppose if you are going to be homeless, Hawaii is a great place to do that.

Anyway, these guys always greet me the same way..."DUDE!  Where ya been???"

I answer, "Mainland"

Street Fellas: "Duuude, how do you get arms like that?  Lots of curls???"

Me:  "Nope.  Got 'em from Squats and Chocolate Milk"

Street Fellas: "DUuuude, really?  Nahhhh...Yaaaaaaa?"

Me: "Squats and Chocolate milk, boys.  Lots of squats and lots of Choice milk!"

Today's Training:

C/S Row: 3x15

Wide Bar Lat Pulldown: 3x15

Single Arm Blast Strap Row w/ twist: 3x10

Reverse Barbell Curl: 3x12

Barbell Curl: 3x12

Preacher Curl: 3x12

Pull ups/ Chin ups: 4/4

Push Ups 15

Crunch: 125

Squat: 22x2  Just because I had a wild hair...

Bike Commute: 18 minutes

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