A former oil rigger, bouncer and lumberjack sounds pretty badass and that certainly an accurate description of Bill Kazmaier. But more impressive is we are talking about the greatest strength athlete of all time.

Some of Kaz’s most impressive titles and feats of strength include: · 3-Time World Strongest Man · 2 IPF World Championships (when there was only one federation) · First person to bench press 300 kg (661 lbs) · 2425 3-lift total (strict judging and without modern supportive gear) Kaz, now a born-again Christian and motivational speaker, sat down with me in an exclusive interview at the GASP headquarters.

In this interview, Kaz talks about getting started in the iron game, training techniques, various contest and competitors, and mental strategies he used to create success. If you’ve already seen the legacy interview GASP posted earlier this week, this one contains about 30 minutes of additional footage.

Part 1

Part 2 (uploading as we speak taking forever will be up soon)