The other day I had the unique pleasure to sit down with strength coach powerlifter and good friend Paul Oneid. Paul is one of the better-educated strength coaches in the online community and his constant pursuit to push the envelope has expanded his offering outside of the realm of mere reps and sets. Paul’s experience of the collegiate level mix of his own experience as a competitive powerlifter led him to the realization that few powerlifters and athletes ever come to you, and that’s the hard truth that psychology trumps physiology.

With this in mind, Paul began to begin to expand the horizons of his knowledge outside of the common titles of strength and conditioning.

Trading in the usual suspects of Verkhoshanaky and Zatsiorsky, for authors like Nietzsche and Freud.

While in his pursuit of imparting his impact on the strength community Paul found himself going down a road he did not anticipate, trading in the barbell for the keyboard. In developing a web-based application, MetriLife, to better highlight trends of psychological subjective with patterns in performance objectives. The shifting of spaces has forced paul out of his comfort zone, a place where true strength lies.

Enjoy this podcast with Paul Oneid, on RX'D RADIO.

Stay Strong,