Tonight was a bench night at Apollon

Two weeks ago I worked full range to 600. Tonight it was time to work my top end and use a board.

The last time I used a board press I made it up to 700 on a 2 board. The goal tonight was to hit something close to a one and a half. I rarely go above a 2 board because with my choir stroke, a 3 board for me is like a 4 for everyone else.

After my first set, my arms were in screaming pain. hey were a little irritated already after straight bar squatting the previous day, and benching in the shirt aggravated the hell out of them.

I got up to a nice clean rep with 675. If felt easy enough that I could have gone higher, but I didn't want to f*ck my arms up any more than I needed to.

I skipped out after benching because I couldn't even move my arms without pain. I'll make it up later this week at the local gym near me.