Dave Kirschen

Dave Kirschen began powerlifting competitively in 1998, and has since reached pro totals of 1901 in the 181-pound class, and 2075 in the 198-pound class. He has also bench pressed over triple bodyweight in three weight classes at full meets. He trains at Apollon Gym in Edison, New Jersey, and coaches a powerlifting team out of EVF Performance in New York City. A 20 year veteran of the fitness industry, Dave holds a degree in Physical Education from SUNY Cortland. Kirschen lives in New Jersey with his wife Liz and son James.

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  • Suit Squatting

    Overall, I feel really good, and although I'm not quite as strong as I'd normally be at 8 weeks out, I feel like I'm gaining it back quickly, and the extra rest will serve me well as training intensifies.

    Suit Squatting
  • Shirted Bench

    The Arnold is in 2 months, which means I have enough time to get ready as long as there's zero fucking around from this point on.

    Shirted Bench
  • 11 weeks... Jeez.

    I know, not much in the way of training for this log, but hopefully there's a message someone out there can use

    11 weeks... Jeez.
  • elitefts pr knee sleeves