Had a couple of good sessions last week, both squatting and benching.

Sunday was a squat session at Apollon. and the goal was to work up to a max off a box with THREE bands. two blacks and a grey. Probably around 500-550 lbs in tension.

This was TOUGH.

I made it up to 380 in bar weight with the bands, and I was shot. Heavy band tension doesn't just make you sore, it pretty much ensures that you will not be able to do anything productive with the rest of the day. Fortunately though, After squatting, It was time to go to an amusement park with my son to walk around in the 90 degree heat for a few hours.


Monday was a bench day as usual, and my goal was to find an opener in the shirt I'm planning on using.

Although my weight remains in the mid-190s, I was able to hit a pretty easy full range 600. This was especially promising because my arms and shoulders were absolutely shot from all the heavy band work the previous day.

After the benching though, my arms were on fire, and hurt for most of the following week.

Things are looking good for the September meet!