"Ultimately strength and conditioning needs to improve sports performance. Being a weight room star is not enough if you cannot apply it."


I saw this on twitter and have no idea who wrote it, they may be a great coach but statements like this are usually a red flag in my experience. To me this says "I'm going to try to sound like I have a new mythical and magical way to improve your performance that no one else has figured out yet. By overstating the obvious I'm going to make a 'profound' statement that makes others in the field seem irrelevant because they aren't as smart as I am". Often those that make statements similar to this  can't even do the basics correctly like get people strong, improve explosiveness etc so they make statements like this to try and sell their worth to people. I have witnessed this several times.  They dismiss the value of strength because they don't know how to raise that ability in their athletes. 99%  of the people 98% of us work with will improve athletic performance if you get them stronger, increase mobility, increase speed etc. these are all simply qualities of a good solid strength and conditioning program. In all my years I have never had an athlete tell me "yeah I got stronger, but it didn't really help my performance much". If this statement upsets you, then maybe I'm talking to you. #suckstosuck #livelearnpasson #elitefts #burntheships #truthhurts #SCOREBOARD