CCC: 6 Weeks Out

Starting to get into the heavier stuff this week.  It’s been a couple months since I’ve gone above 85% on anything, so I was really glad to find that every workout felt strong.  It’s mentally difficult for me to hold back in the gym, because I lose confidence when I’m not training heavy, but after back-to-back meets last year, I needed a physical and mental break.  In the future, I think this experience will help me train a little smarter in the gym and hopefully perform a lot better on meet day.

Monday: Squat
Squat with sleeves

Decline bench press

Reverse hyperextension

Not super happy with my squat depth, but the weights moved fast.  My hips were tight today and I couldn’t figure out how to fix them during the workout, so that was frustrating.  I’m going to add in some more internal rotation work to try to mobilize my TFL and glute medius, and see if that helps.

Wednesday: Squat/Bench Accessory
Close grip bench press

Safety bar front squat
Switch to back squat

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Incline dumbbell press superset rear delts
4x10 each

Great one today.  Close grip bench felt so easy that I was tempted to jump to 405 (since I’ve never done that with a close grip), but I’m playing it smart this prep.  First time pushing the safety bar fronts after testing them out last week, and I enjoyed them.  I just don’t have the mobility to hold a heavy barbell front squat.

Friday: Bench & Deadlift
Bench press
Add Full Boar Slingshot

Add reverse bands

Perfect session today.  Again, tempted to take a double at 405 on bench, but I’m not going to go off program.  I’m back to training on a Texas Deadlift Bar and it’s so much nicer than the Ohio bar, so pulls were easy, even though my hook grip is a bit rusty.

Saturday: Back & Shoulders

Shoulder superset: front raise, lateral raise, bent-forward lateral raise
Seated Arnold press
Lat pulldown superset supinated & pronated grip
One-arm seated row
Concentration curl
Band pushdown

That’s all for this week.  I’ll be taking a heavy wrapped double next Monday, and then cruising with a few easy workouts before taking a small PR on all three lifts.  Then I’ll pull back a bit to stay fresh for the meet.

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