Change occurs when it hurts bad enough

I'm the sort of person that will allow for a lot of latitude when it comes to sharing.  As long as it doesn't fuck with me, I don't really care what happens.

I occupy my gym from early morning until I'm finished with my last people, usually mid to later morning.  What happens after that is not my concern.  I don't mind the sharing of my EliteFTS equipment or encroaching on my daily workout board.

However, when it does impact my opening of the gym in the morning, that pisses me off.

This morning a good "friend" of mine became so aggravated with the lack of concern by the night before crowd, he was ready to snap photos and complain to the building administrators.

Instead, I told him to channel his energy into his training and I'll make short work of the clean up.

Normally, I will vacuum the entire space with my own Shop Vac when it gets to be about knee height in dust bunnies.  Although we are really great about wiping down the equipment because of the Government concerns, we also can accumulate garbage for DAYS and never have a can emptied.  Such was the case this morning.

I saw it full on MONDAY and said to myself "let's see how long we can cram more stuff into the overflowing bucket".  By the way, the technique has a name...It's called a "Blivet".  Roughly defined as 10 pounds of dog shit in a five pound bag.

Well...this Blivet enraged my friend to the point that I decided I had better take care of it.  This is where the slogan, "if it's to be it's up to me" comes in.

Think about it.  Nothing will change until you become so uncomfortable with the situation that you HAVE to do something about it.

The story of the man walking past the dog howling on the porch is an example.

One day a man was passing an old man sitting on his front porch with his dog HOWLING next to him.

The passer by asked, "why is your dog howling like that?"

The owner of the dog on the porch said..."because he's laying on a nail"

The passer by asked, "how comes he doesn't move?"

The owner said..."Suppose the nail doesn't hurt him bad enough"

Same story applies.  Nothing will change, until it hurts bad enough!

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 23 mins

Still...2x15 of the following:

Reverse Hyper


Back Ext

Side Flex

Suspended Knees to Elbow

Cable Fly

Push Ups

DB Lateral Raise

DB Rear Delt Raise


Tempo Training  3:2:5

Rope Tricep Pushdown: 4x12

DB Curl: 4x8

DB Supine Tricep: 4x12

BB Curl: 4x8

Dips: 4x12

Concentration Curl (non tempo) 3x30

Bike Commute:16 mins.

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