Check Engine Light

Finally...the air is breathable!


You know when you are driving down the freeway and that little yellow "Check Engine" light comes on?  You know the first thing you think is "FUCK!  I don't need this right now.  Wonder whats going on?"

Then you consider it's not red and it's only yellow, so you are good to go.  But it STILL bugs the bejesus out of you.

How often do we do this with our body's "Check Engine" light.  Only we don't even begin to consider addressing it until that light is RED?

Those little indicators along the way should not be ignored.  I'm not saying be a pussy with every ache and pain.  But, there are indicators that say something is going to happen unless you address it sooner rather than later.

Have you needed extra time to wake up?

Do you take those short waddling steps into the bathroom after getting out of the rack?

Do your hips and shoulders hurt until you get moving down to the kitchen?

Do you stiffen up during the day while working in one position for longer than a half hour?

Focus is difficult?

Sleep is impossible?

Irritable beyond your normal pain in the asshood?

Might be time to add or subtract things that you have ALWAYS programmed and it's not a training session until you get that stuff done.

Don't go revamping what got you to your level of expertise.  But don't be so written in stone either.

"Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape"~ Me



Today's Training:

Run: 3 miles

Pull Up Hell: 5 hand positions x 150 reps in each

Dips: 200 reps

C.S. Row: 3x10

Shoulder Circle: 6x10 internal and external

Sling Shot Rows/Scapular retractions: 6x10  3 supinated/ 3 pronated

Straight Arm Raise: 6x10

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