Hit chest solo at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  My elbow has been bothering me so I tried to keep the weight a bit lower and push the rest times to 20-30 breaths between sets

High incline smith machine:
2x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
8x8 315lb
The last set was actually with 225lb because I didn't have a spotter and didn't think I'd get the 8 reps.  I kept my rest time between sets to 20-30 breaths.  The first few sets were 20 breaths, but by the end I needed the full 30 breaths to get all 8 reps.  I hit failure pretty hard on the 8th set though, so I did 20 breaths and dropped to 225 for the last set

Flat bench:
1x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
Triple Drop set:
1x10 315lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 135lb
The last set of the triple drop set with 135lb were to the upper chest/neck

Flat dumbell flyes:
4x10 65lb

Incline hammer:
3x15 315lb

Cable crossover: