Trained Chest solo at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  Was at the in-laws all day and ended up not getting to the gym until almost 8pm on Sunday night.  The nice thing was that I had the gym pretty much to myself...the bad thing was it was 8pm on Sunday night

Leg press calf raise:

Steep incline smith machine
2x15 135lb
1x10 225lb
3x10 315lb
The new smith machine at the gym is nice and smooth, but it's heavy as shit.  I'm guessing the bar weighs somewhere around 65-85lbs, so it's a bit frustrating when you're trying to impress the girls in the gym with your heavy weight...because it doesn't look so heavy when you can't put as many plates on the bar

Flat dumbell presses:
1x15 60s
1x10 100s
1x10 120s
1x25 140s
I was feeling nice and strong so I decided to see if I could hit the 140s for a set of 20.  I ended up pumping out 25 reps so I think I'll shoot for 20 reps with the 150s next time.   The only problem with the set was that my left elbow was acting up all week and this set pretty much put an end to any pressing for the day

Incline barbell:
1x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
Had to quit at this point....couldn't even straighten my left arm out on the second set so I figured there's no point int f'n up my elbow to the point of having to miss any workouts and called it quits on the pressing.

Cable Crossover:

Pec Deck: